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Why Buy a Central Vac?

Central Vacuums can be installed in any existing home without knocking down or damaging any of your walls.  

Installation typically will take 1 day.

Allergy Relief:
A major benefit that central vacuum owners don't realize, until they've owned a system, is how much cleaner the air is in their own home. Allergy sufferers always notice a reduction in their symptoms after using a central vac system. Central vacuums pick up allergy causing dust and remove them from the living area, unlike common portable vacuums.  Modern science has proven that central vacuums relieve allergy symptoms in the home.

Central Vacuums are a far superior alternative to Hepa Filtered Vacuums, virtually all of the contaminants are removed from the living area completely. No upright vacuum in the world can promise the same results, because they do not filter the dust to the outside of the living environment.

Cost Saving & Value Added
: Installing a central vacuum adds instant value to your real estate. In addition to the instant bump in value, central systems are more durable and longer lasting than common home vacuums. You'll spend less time and money replacing inexpensive vacuums and more time living, while enjoying the high quality of a central vacuum system.  Many new home owners have said that they chose the house they purchased over another similar home on the market purely because the home had a central vacuum, who could not use a “competitive edge” to sell their existing home in this market?  Also many people think that the cost associated with a Central Vacuum is too great, when in reality many times you can purchase and install the entire system for less money that you can buy a typical high quality canister vacuum.
Less Noise: When cleaning with a Central Vac the loud, whining noise is no longer heard while vacuuming. You can now talk and listen while vacuuming. On  Because the Central Vacuum unit is located away from the living area. The motor noise is not heard by the user.  Which allows you to do other things while you vacuum such as talk on the phone, watch TV, and listen to music.   Modern Day recently developed the Silent Master, which  is the first "silent" central vacuum unit in the world, features a 3-stage noise suppressing technology which requires NO external muffler system. You can stand right next to the unit while it is on,  and have a conversation without raising your voice.  

Easy to  use & Versatile:
Central Vacuums allow you to  clean every Spot in your house, including the garage, quickly and effectively.  Some of the tools are so unique and amazing to use, you'll wonder how you were able to clean without them. Vac-Pans allow you to sweep dust, dirt, and other objects right up  to your wall and watch them disappear all the way to your central vacuum unit - no more bending over with a broom and dustpan.   And, there’s that handy hose. With a central vacuum hose, instead of a common upright design, you can get ANYWHERE. The hose’s light weight and flexibility allow access into the highest reaches and the narrowest areas. It's so easy that 80% of men say they vacuum more often because of it.

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